Cloud9ss, LLC (Cloud 9 Storage Solutions) is a managed storage service provider of premium tier-2 Network Attached Storage (NAS) configured in multiple RAID array Storage Pods. Cloud 9 Storage Pods are powerful, affordable, and scalable, offering a minimum of 500-Gigabytes of storage to multiple Terabytes of on-demand capacity to its customers.

Cloud 9 Storage Pods are designed to accommodate customers with growing storage requirements. Typical applications include email and document archival for regulatory compliance, financial, legal, marketing or engineering documents, database backups, standard file backups, temporary storage for log files or application workspace, or any other application that needs expandable storage.

Connectivity to a Cloud 9 Storage Pod is delivered via dedicated gigabit Ethernet. Our Storage Pods can be connected to Windows environments as a (SMB/CIFS) network share or Linux/Unix environments as a (NFS) network share. There is also support for iSCSI connectivity utilizing iSCSI initiators on the customer side as well as simple FTP services. Industry standard network features are implemented to ensure secure access, including a private VLAN and IP filtering (ACL) for each customer server with access.

Cloud 9 Storage Pods are fully managed, eliminating customer's daily monitoring, maintenance, and hardware upkeep/replacement responsibilities. High-reliability is assured by using the latest RAID technologies, hot-swappable disk drives, and redundant power supplies. Cloud9ss, LLC stocks replacement hardware components onsite to insure minimal downtime in case of a complete hardware failure.

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